Are you afraid of wasting your money on Mandarin classes that do not fulfil your needs or expectation? Here in Asian Language School, there are four types of classes: kids, teen, adult, and business. Each of them has their own course syllabus, making each type of class different. Below is a brief elaboration of each class.

Mandarin Class for Kids

This class’s participants are children of elementary school level. It is a 1-on-1 private lesson via online classroom using Zoom.

There are two levels in Mandarin class for kids: level 1 and level 2. In level 1, the students will know and learn how to make the four tones of the Chinese language. They will also learn how to read pinyin and sing popular yet simple Chinese songs for children. As for level 2, the students will continue to learn pinyin and try to perfect the tones and pronunciation. Besides, they will learn how to use the vocabularies that they have learned in level 1 to form sentences.

Mandarin Class for Teens

This class is designed for participants of secondary school students. There are two types of classes available, which are 1-on-1 and group classes. Two levels are available in Mandarin class for teens, namely level 1 and level 2.

Considered as a beginner class, the students are introduced and learn the four tones of the Chinese language besides learn to read pinyin in level 1. They will also learn the strokes to form Chinese writing. In level 2, the students continue to perfect their pronunciation and try to form complex sentences by using vocabularies acquired from their level 1 classes.

Mandarin Class for Adults

Among the Mandarin classes that we offer, this class is the most comprehensive one if you have the will to learn the Chinese language. The course will guide you from beginner to advanced level. Each level is designed for you to learn speaking, writing, listening, reading, and grammar with professional native Chinese teachers. This course also offers flexible scheduling for you to decide when you want to study.

Mandarin Class for Business

This course is designed for adults who want to specifically learn the Chinese language for working purposes only. The course consists of three levels using pinyin to learn Chinese business vocabularies. The students will expect to receive topics from professional Chinese tutors with related experience.

Asian Language School’s Mandarin classes are ready to fulfill your needs in learning the Chinese language. Each type of class available is designed as accordingly to you, whether you are a kid, teen, adult, or a busy businessman/businesswoman who wants to learn for working purposes only.