Whether you choose to home-school your kids or you send them to public or private school, there’s no denying education is an important part of any young child’s life. But even if you rely on teachers to educate your kids, there is still a lot of teaching that can be done outside of classroom walls. You should be educating your kids about all kinds of things that they’ll most likely never learn in school – and this can be overwhelming for parents! 

If you’re unsure of whether you’re doing a good job of this or just need some more tricks up your sleeves, here are 3 tips for educating your children at home. 

Spend Time With Family 

It takes a village, as they say. Spending time with family is an excellent way to help instill values and some of your family members may even be able to help provide you with childcare when needed, but there are other reasons you should bring your little ones around your family too. 

If your kids are only ever around their own parents, siblings, and peers of the same age, they may start to develop a narrow worldview because they’re not exposed to different types of people at different stages in life. To remedy this, make sure your kids get the opportunity to hang out with and talk to family members of all ages. 

From newborn babies to people reaching retirement age to elderly people who reside in assisted living facilities, allowing your children to be around all of these types of people will help them to become more well-rounded and understanding adults. 

Ask Questions 

Asking your children questions regularly about what they’re learning in school or talking to their teachers about what things are part of their curriculum will be helpful for you in figuring out how you can extend their education into your home. Talk to your kids as well as the parents of their peers so that you can glean a good understanding of what you want them to learn. 

Start A Family Book Club 

A great way to continue your child’s education even after their school day has ended is to start a little family book club. Choose a non-fiction book about a historical event or other topics that you find interesting or perhaps one that you don’t know much about. Read it to your kids as a way to bond with them and also learn something new at the same time. 

Try to choose topics they aren’t learning about in school already, and make it fun so that it doesn’t feel like more homework. This can be such a fun way to broaden their horizons and yours as well! 

Educating your children beyond the classroom doesn’t have to be challenging or stressful and in fact you might find it fulfilling and exciting! Hopefully, these tips can help.