A major milestone is achieved in your career path once you complete your graduation. But what now is the question that comes to the mind of almost every student because graduation by itself is not enough to get you a specialised job. In today’s competitive world, you need to add special skills or go for advanced degrees. While doing post-graduation or MBA are the most common options, short-term courses after graduation especially in the field of information technology and banking too are in high demand.

Why Short-Term Courses?

Short-term courses are an excellent way to gain insight into newer fields and acquire specialised skills. These courses can help you get jobs quickly thereby boosting your career prospects. Reputed institutes offer several short-term courses in areas like accounting, information and technology, finance, analytics, and digital marketing to acquaint you with the growing fields and learn the professional skills required to move up in your career.

Some Popular Options for Short-Term Courses

Enrolling yourself in short-duration courses is an excellent option to acquire some useful and much-needed skills in today’s competitive world.

Some popular options are:


Digital Marketing

These courses educate you about the techniques for selling products and services to tech-savvy internet users. This involves imparting of skills to run online ad campaigns besides developing unique and effective content strategies. A short-term course in digital marketing can help you acquire SEO, Social media marketing, content marketing, and e-mail marketing-related skills.


Information Technology

One area which is finding usage in all types of companies and businesses is information and technology. A short-term course in the field of information technology will help you learn about new technologies and their applications. You can choose to do a course in hardware or software applications or learn programming languages or building databases or design or the emerging areas of machine learning and artificial intelligence depending on your interest.


Data Analytics

An emerging field, data analytics involves understanding and analysing data to predict and optimise outcomes. The data is used for future planning, getting insights into customer behaviour, and devising new strategies. A course in data analytics will help you learn about tools and techniques like data mining, pattern matching, predictive modelling, and data visualisations to derive value from data.


Banking and Finance

Banking is an area that cannot be ignored and getting a job in this field exposes you to the working of a variety of industries. But you do require some basic knowledge about the working of the system before you can hope to land a job in this field. A course in banking and finance can help you learn the nuances of the industry that forms the backbone of an economy.


Full Stack Developer Program

At a time when apps and online sites rule our lives, a full stack developer program can prove to be quite useful. The goal of this short-term program is to equip learners with skills that can help them build database-backed APIs and web applications. This program will help you learn about the designing and building of databases for software applications, creating and even deploying database-backed web APIs and secure and manage user authentication and access control for an application. Deployment of flask-based web applications to the cloud also forms part of the curriculum of this course.