English is a language that is spreading fastly all over the world. Nowadays, many international and global businesses prefer to communicate with their clients, customers, and employees across country borders in this language. You may have seen; In the busines process outsourcing industry, you may have seen that it is considered a primary language to handle a customer and solve their issues. Due to English being considered a priority language to be known by someone either in a business or any other field, there is demand for an English teacher is rising.

Many students and people who travel from one country to another tend to enroll in an English course. The teachers who make people learn English as their second language abroad are usually TEFL certified. As we know to teach and speaking English fluently are two distinctive skills. Being a native English speaker has advantages, but being a trained teacher will give you excellent career growth and opportunities. Most people fulfill their dream to be a teacher abroad by enrolling in a TEFL course and getting certified.

TEFL Certificate-

The complete form of TEFL is teaching English as a foreign language. Primary it includes providing a set of instructions to those who are non-English speakers. In this way, they learn how to write, read and speak the English language. After learning English, most people decide to be a teacher of the English language in foreign countries. A TEFL certification helps such teachers to clear the eligibility criteria to be a teacher abroad.

In this program, a person learns new tools, techniques, and methods, which are essential to make a learning process more accessible to a great extent. Then, they apply such learned tools and techniques to make their students quickly learn a language.

People consider it a great profession because they learn a new culture and explore a new country. They get to meet new people and establishes bonds with them. Moreover, it enhances their skill set and also helps them to gain an international teaching experience.

A TEFL-certified person gets paid a lot in foreign countries like japan, china, the United Arab Emirates, etc. Therefore, you can apply for a teaching job position by fulfilling the hiring criteria of a specific country. In addition, some country’s employers provide you perks like free visa processing, free flight, and many more.

  • Duration Of Couse

It depends on a person how easily he caught the content taught during the curse. There is a possibility to be TEFL certified person in a month. But most students enroll in a six months program for better learning and live practice of teaching. Coursework takes 150-190 hours to complete, and live teaching practice includes10-15 hours during the course.

  • Cost

Online TEFL courses are usually cheaper. Most students and people love to stay home and get certified by sitting at home. It usually takes $400-$500 to enroll in an online TEFL course. In-person TEFL course ranges from  $700-$1500. Now it’s upto you in which you find suitable to enroll.