IELTS is one of the important exams that help you enroll in a foreign university. It is an exam meant to test the English language proficiency of non-native English speakers. You can aim for universities in Australia and Britain.

Candidates undertake different approaches when studying for IELTS. You can click here to know about the best strategies and chapters that you need to know. Go through all the points carefully before you chart out a studying schedule for yourself.

Some students focus on solving the previous year’s papers while some focus on targeting the most difficult parts of the syllabus. There is but one approach that is not very popular among students yet an extremely powerful one. Sorting important chunks by grouping themes and topics is what we are talking about. IELTS often reuses ideas and IELTS speaking topics. If you are careful enough to spot a pattern, you could crack it with flying colours. Studying these subjects will keep you far ahead of your competition and boost your confidence as well.

Why is a Systematic Approach Important for IELTS?

Whenever you are aiming to get admission to a foreign university, you must remember that you are not only competing with the students of their university or your country alone but also the entire population of non-native English speakers.

You are not aware of the strengths your competitors may have and the seats are limited. Thus, to get yourself enrolled, you must have a disciplined approach that will help you secure a seat in your preferred university. Sorting the important IELTS speaking topics is one of the smartest ways you can go for.

It is a lesser-known strategy but has yielded decent results. One must remember that it is imperative that you have all the materials needed to trace a pattern. And once you have everything with you, you can select the most important topics and focus most of your energy on them.

However, we understand that if you do not have enough time or sufficient help, it can be difficult to pick the important topics. Thus, to ease your predicament, we have come up with some of the most important IELTS speaking topics along with other important areas that will help you ace the score you want.

Important IELTS Speaking Topics

Advertising and Media

  • Censorship and Freedom of Speech
  • Advertising- History and its Methods
  • Evolution of Media
  • News and Reporting

Art and Design

  • Benefits of Art and Design
  • Art vs Design
  • Funding in the Art Industry
  • Creative Art

Business and Money

  • Globalisation
  • Business and Technology
  • Business Management
  • Consumerism
  • Communications in Business
  • International Business

Crime and Punishment

  • Crime and Technology
  • Criminal Psychology
  • Evolution of Punishment as an institution
  • Cyber Crime
  • Teenagers and Crime
  • Role of government and police on reducing crime

Communication and Personality

  • Types of communications
  • Communication and technology
  • Gender and Stereotype
  • Personality development and character


  • Global economics
  • Taxation and costing
  • Credit cards and cash
  • Economical management
  • Government and its part in the economy


  • Children Education and its essentials
  • Adult education
  • What should be the criteria for teachers in education institutions
  • Single-sex education
  • Use of technology in education
  • Child psychology
  • Home education vs schooling


  • Types of nutrition
  • Diets and charts
  • Fast food
  • Diet and nutritional needs for people of all ages.


  • Health education
  • Health facilities in third world countries
  • Obesity and other eating disorders
  • Myths regarding food habits
  • Hospitals and treatment
  • Prevention of diseases
  • Role of government in the health sectors


  • How to learn a language
  • Language and its uses
  • Philology and phonetics
  • Dominant and disappearing languages

These are some of the most predominant IELTS speaking topics that will help you secure the score you need to make your way into your favorite university. However, this does not mean you will neglect other areas. IELTS can be unpredictable at times and if you are prepared well, you have a higher chance than others. Therefore, buckle your belts and crack that exam.