Therefore, aspirants can refer to the best NPAT books for 2022 suggested by BYJU’s Exam Prep experts. However, the conducting authorities have not named any NPAT entrance exam preparation books; applicants should refer to the best books for NPAT 2022 used by various toppers for exam preparation. Therefore, NPAT 2022 reference books, previous year question papers, and NPAT sample papers are the most important and reliable sources for exam preparation.

The below-mention list of NPAT entrance exam books includes some sample paper banks also. NMIMS NPAT books will provide you with more clarity about the kind of questions asked in the NPAT 2022.

Best books for NPAT

  • Quantitative and Numerical Ability Books: Quantitative Aptitude Numerical Ability – 1276: Numerical Ability (Fully Solved) 7000 + Objective Questions by Kiran Prakashan, Pratiyogita Kiran
  • Reasoning and GI: General Intelligence and Test of Reasoning 2016 by S Chand Experts
  • English Language Book: Objective General English (Old Edition) Paperback – 2011 by R.S. Aggarwal
  • For Design Sensibility and Awareness: UCEED Design Environment & Social Awareness In Design Perspective Combined With Mental & Verbal Aptitude Institute of Creative Sciences
  • Observation and Problem Solving Book: The Design of Everyday Things: Revised and Expanded Edition Kindle Edition by Don Norman

How To Prepare For The NPAT Exam?

First, aspirants need to prepare a proper study plan. Then, either they can start preparing section-wise, or else they can start with strengthening their weaknesses. BYJU’s Exam Prep experts suggest that the preparation strategy of the candidates should be prepared in such a great way that all the sections are covered. While preparing the exam strategy candidates must check the exam pattern of NMIMS NPAT and the syllabus of NMIMS NPAT.

Logical and Reasoning Ability

  • Everyday Practice.
  • Questions in the logical and reasoning ability section are based on critical reasoning, syllogisms, statement conclusions, coding-decoding, etc.

Quantitative Ability Section

  • The questions in the quantitative ability section will be based on Arithmetic, Algebra, Modern Mathematics, Menstruation, Logarithm, Tim, Speed, and Distance, etc.
  • Understand the Basics.
  • Use shortcut tricks while calculating.

Verbal Ability

  • So, the questions in the verbal ability section are based on grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, para jumbles, word meaning, synonym-antonym, etc.
  • The habit of Reading.

NMIMS NPAT 2022 Topics And Their Weightage:

As per NMIMS NPAT 2022 Exam Pattern, the list of important topics and their weightage is tabulated below.

Quantitative & Numerical ability

  • Number System (4 Marks)
  • Arithmetic (16 Marks)
  • Algebra (8 Marks)
  • Sets and Function (4 Marks)
  • Elementary Statistics and Probability (4 Marks)
  • Trigonometry (4 Marks)

Reasoning & General Intelligence

  • Critical Thinking (10 Marks)
  • Verbal-logical reasoning (5 Marks)
  • Data sufficiency (5 Marks)
  • Numerical Reasoning (6 Marks)
  • Data Interpretation (10 Marks)
  • Spatial Reasoning (4 Marks)

Proficiency in the English Language

  • Error Recognition (5 Marks)
  • Applied Grammar (8 Marks)
  • Vocabulary (4 Marks)
  • Contextual Usage (4 Marks)
  • Sequencing of Ideas (4 Marks)
  • Reading Comprehension (15 Marks)

Spatial Ability and Visualization Skills

  • Spatial relationships assessment (7 Marks)
  • Principle of perception and visual design (7 Marks)
  • Knowledge of practical and every day (6 Marks)

Observation & Problem Solving

  • Ability to detect concealed properties (6 Marks)
  • Applying attention to certain details (6 Marks)
  • Ability to discern subtle differences (3 Marks)
  • Using these to solve problems (5 Marks)

General Awareness & Design Sensibility

  • General awareness of environmental factors (6 Marks)
  • Awareness of social and cultural connection (10 Marks)
  • History of art, sculpture, and literature (4 Marks)

NMIMS NPAT 2022 Exam Pattern in Detail

The exam pattern of the NMIMS NPAT exam for Non-Engineering courses is as given below.

NMIMS NPAT 2022 Exam Pattern is set to test reasoning, analytical, general intelligence, and English language command. Check the weightage to topic-wise questions under each subject.

A specific time limit is set for every section, which a clock will indicate on the computer test screen. The clock is set at the server, and the countdown timer in the top right corner of the computer screen will display the remaining time available for completing NMIMS NPAT 2022 exam. When the timer reaches zero, NMIMS NPAT 2022 exam will go over by itself. Therefore, the applicant will not be required to end or submit NMIMS NPAT 2022 examination.