If you work with kids – and it doesn’t matter whether you are in early childhood learning, day care, kindergarten or junior or elementary school – you’ll know how inquisitive and curious they can be. So, why not take advantage of those characteristics to keep them engaged, and teach them important lessons too? To do that, first you must go online and buy some fun stuff from a reliable slime shop. And once you have your supplies – it’s let the learning (oops…fun!) begin.

Entertain and Teach…Unlimited

The world of slime is rather expansive, and for teachers and caregivers who aren’t already slime buffs, that can sometimes be overwhelming. So, my first piece of advice is – Don’t panic! Once you dip your toes into the slime ocean, you’ll automatically find your niche – and that of the kids you care for. In the meantime, here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • SENSE OF SMELL AND TOUCH: Work on their sense of smell and touch with realistic-looking slime products, such as strawberry scented slime. Thick and glossy, these products inspire kids to explore their sense of smell, while discovering the joy of pulling and stretching the contents. Older kids will especially love the nostalgia that will take them back to their childhood!

  • ‘TIS THE SEASON: As kids watch the excitement and electricity in adults, around the holiday season, they too get anxious to join in the fun and frolic. If you go online now, you’ll find many slime shops that are offering amazing seasonal products. White glue bingsu-textured slime, with a Halloween and Christmas theme, is a great way to bring the best in kids who want to keep up with the festivities. And, to kick things up a notch, don’t forget to get the addons – jack Skellington and pumpkin and Christmas tree fimos. The kids will go wild exploring and learning about seasonal themes.

  • MYSTERY and INTRIGUE: One of the best ways to whet the appetite of kids, for exploration and learning, is to add mystery and intrigue to any fun activity you plan with them. And a package of mystery slimes does just that. Sticky and gooey, teachers, parents and caregivers can use the slime to unlock a vault of curiosity in kids who are eager to get their hands on the slime. Use your imagination. You can help them build shapes, letters, symbols…and more, as you teach them what each of their creations is all about.

As you can see, your favorite slime shop can provide you the tools and toys to take your sliming experiences with kids beyond the confines of the home. The best thing about sliming is that it’s a safe and fun way to unlock creativity within children of all ages.

In Parting

Remember, these are young children and tender minds that you are engaging with, so, safety is of the highest concern. To make the most of their Sliming experience, teachers should source their products only from slime shops that have a good reputation. And finally, since the holiday season is typically the busiest time of the year, make sure you place your orders well ahead of time, so you can have many more fun-filled days of Sliming holiday cheer!