Singapore embraces a bilingual English-based education system. Students are taught the curriculum in English as the main instruction medium while considering each student’s official mother tongue as a second language- Mandarin for Chinese, Tamil for South Indians, and Malay for Malays. The government embraces English as its official language. So, assisting your child in learning English in Singapore will maximize their opportunities in life. Learn how to add some fun to their English learning at home and make the language easier to comprehend.

8 Ways To Boost Learning English in Singapore

Adopt the following practices to make learning English a roller-coaster ride with amazing fun-filled activities. Here are some ideas to help your child expand their knowledge of English.

Put Up Maps and Pictures

Retention comes through the eye of the beholder. Children love vivid visual materials, and the human brain loves images too. It retains the information associated with images even better. Visual retention is about 80% after 32 seconds, while auditory is just about 60%.

So, adding any picture that includes English is useful. You can encourage your child to make scrapbooks containing maps, pictures related to words they are learning, or any other form.

Encourage Drawings

In addition to promoting picture study, you can ask your child to draw and use drawings to learn letters and words. You can also help them learn numbers by getting your child to draw their representations. Furthermore, you can find coloring worksheets on the internet, print them, and get your child to complete them.

Label Items in English

One of the simplest ways to boost learning English in Singapore at home is by helping your child get familiar with the English names of various household items. You can label furniture and various accessories in English. This practice will boost their vocabulary.

Read Aloud their Favourites

Books need not always be educational. You can pick up comics or your child’s favourite storybook. Read them aloud and switch your tone for every character to make sessions interesting. Even picture books with small amounts of text serve as good learning tools.

TV and movies

You can find English-language kids’ programs on various streaming platforms. You can also download English-language cartoons, programs or movies. Good TV shows are an excellent resource for English-language learning.

Some well-known US children’s programs like Sesame Street teaches American kids phonics, and they are fun to watch.

Play English Stories

You can get some of the easiest audible stories and encourage your child to listen to them. Since audio material does not have any visual aspect, you must carefully pick the most interesting stories to keep kids entertained.

Young learners love music too. You can play some music, well-known songs or nursery rhymes to promote learning English in Singapore.

Encourage Practicing and Recording

In conjunction with other learning English in Singapore aids, you can ask your child to practice speaking the names of items you have labeled around the house or reciting rhymes they have learned. Ask them to record themselves and listen to their sound. This practice favors self-evaluation and improvisation.

Promote Whiteboard Play

You can get your kid a mini-whiteboard and some board pens. Let them practice letter formation, drawings, phonics, and anything they like on the board. It will not just improve their English but also enhance their motor skills.

Attend Public Activities

Participating in public activities helps your child gain confidence. You can also host mini-events at your place and give your children a chance to speak in English before a gathering.

Mastering the English Language requires a strong foundation. Go beyond the educational curriculum and make the journey enjoyable. If you follow the above-given advice, learning English in Singapore will be a comfortable journey.